岡崎 新太郎
岡崎 新太郎
 The Mennonite Church is a Protestant denomination. It was born at the time of religious reformation in the 16th century. Mennonite churches in Japan were started after World War2 in various parts of the country when missionaries came from North America. And the age of the missionaries’ activities was terminated. Since then, our Japanese Mennonite churches have been doing missions and services cooperating with Mennonite churches in the world.
 Since the beginning of the sixteen century, the Mennonite church has been called
a Pacifist church and trying to follow Jesus Spirit such as “Blessed are the peacemaker, Love our enemies and do good, Do not take up the sword.”
We participate in the work of building peace and aim to resolve conflicts without ever resorting to war. We also created a global organization for peace and relief for the sake of people suffering from poverty, social injustice and war. We want to cross borders and transcend religious and ideologies to work with all people who are working for world peace.
The 20th century was called “the age of the war”. What will happen in the 21th century? Will our descendants really be able to live happily on this earth? Or will humanity forget that it is just a small part of creation? Will people humbly realize that the lives they live are actually given to them as an act of mercy and grace?
Will they live well and appropriately on this earth created by God, given to us as well as to other animals and plants?
Or will humanity destroy nature, push other animals and plants into extinction, destroy the earth, and destroy itself? We must never let this happen.

God bless you all.
Shintaro Okazaki
Chair of Japan Mennonite Fellowship (JMF)
 最初のメノナイト教会の宣教師が日本に来てから20年後の1971年5月、北海道、九州、東京地区のメノナイト系教会の代表が集まり、日本メノナイト宣教会(Japan Mennonite Fellowship)を設立しました。  目的はふたつ、メノナイト系諸団体の相互協力の促進と結束、及びアナバプテストの遺産の解明と適用でした。  同年「アナバプティズムにおけるディサイプルシップ」という主題でセミナーが開催され、その後3年ごとに各地で総会と合わせて開催されています。今までも深いつながりがあった日本キリスト兄弟(けいてい)団が2010年に正式に加盟し、現在は4つの団体の代表が集まり、JMFを構成しています。
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